Yikes! It’s nearly 100 degrees here in North Carolina and the humidity nearly matches it. It was still over 90 degrees at dinnertime! I, for one, don’t find solar energy all that welcome this time of year. Maybe if I was generating electricity from it I would feel differently. But the solar energy I’m talking about makes me roast whenever I step out of the shade and it makes my attic a veritable furnace. But, I’ve found a building product that comes to the rescue.

Attic Insulation

I’m talking about a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is a reflective material that acts like a mirror to reflect heat back out of the attic just like those silver umbrellas you might have seen or the shiny foil that is wrapped around the space station and satellites to keep them safe from solar rays. When used as roof sheathing, just under the shingles, this same foil radiant barrier can keep your attic much cooler and significantly reduce your cooling costs, up to 30% according to some claims, cutting your energy bills by up to 17%.

    I can attest to it’s effectiveness. Since I started specifying LP TechShield roof sheathing, or equal, I’ve noticed that the attics of my porjects have been significantly cooler, even on the hottest days. Not only does that mean that there is less heat transmitted into the living spaces below, but if your air conditioner and ductwork are located in the attic, as many are, the cool, air-conditioned air in the ductwork will stay cooler as it travels to where it is needed. This is a product that will pay for it’s added cost by way of energy cost savings in a very short time.

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Bill Hirsch