“Designing Your Perfect House” with free bonus book “The 10 Keys to Controlling Homebuilding Costs” ($9.95 downloadable book for free)

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The 2nd Edition of Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect  is the “must have” book for house design and construction. For a limited time, when you buy Bill’s #1 Best seller, you will get more critical advice about staying on budget with a free PDF version of Bill’s cost-control guidebook, The 10 Keys to Controlling Homebuilding Costs.  These books will easily save you a hundred times their cost when building a home.  


Freshly updated, Amazon #1 Bestseller, Designing Your Perfect House, is in its 2nd Edition. With tons of priceless advice and color illustrations, this essential guidebook for navigating the mystifying process of house design, remodeling, and building will save you many times the price of the book. It’s now better than ever with a Bonus Lesson, Building Green, Naturally. Architect Hirsch draws on decades of experience and uses his enjoyable, easy to read writing style to convey sage advice guaranteed to help you design or remodel the perfect house for you, while controlling the process and saving money along the way.

Learn architectural design secrets, spatial concepts, making a house “feel like home,” use of scale and daylight, unifying the design, flow, and proportions. Concepts that are too often overlooked in today’s homebuilding. Hirsch says, “A great house doesn’t have to cost more. It just needs to be thought through properly.” He’ll help you select the right building site, control the budget, develop the program, schematic design, style, and room relationships, work with design professionals, select a builder, understand methods of contracting, and more.


1 review for “Designing Your Perfect House” with free bonus book “The 10 Keys to Controlling Homebuilding Costs” ($9.95 downloadable book for free)

  1. Linda Petrin, Lifestyle Design

    As an interior designer, I absolutely loved this book. Too many people live in the wrong home for their lifestyle. Then they hope an interior designer can “fix” what doesn’t work. With this book, you learn how to look at a home objectively. Bill takes you through the questions you need to ask yourself before you build.

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