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  • Chenonceau Ceiling – Wall Art

    $ 19.00$ 168.00

    Intricately detailed wood coffers adorn the ceiling of the guards’ room in Chateau Chenonceau, in the Loire Valley, France.

  • Mont St. Michel Street – Wall Art

    $ 46.00$ 299.00

    The abbey at Mont Saint-Michel was built upon a small island just off the Normandy Coast. Once inside the walls, a single street winds up the mountain between conjoined shops and houses that have existed for centuries. At the top, the monastery captures a three hundred and sixty degree view of the ocean and neighboring fields.

  • Mont St Michel Spire – Wall Art

    $ 53.00$ 132.00

    A stylized portrayal of the spire crowning the Church at Mont Saint-Michel expresses the symbolic reach toward the heavens the builders of the iconic structure had intended.

  • Mont St. Michel Rooftops – Wall Art

    $ 46.00$ 299.00

    As if perched in an eagle’s nest, visitors to the Church and Abbey at the top of the mountain island of Mont Saint-Michel view down through an irregular geometry of rooftops toward the sea and fields beyond.

  • Mont St. Michel Abbey – Wall Art

    $ 46.00$ 299.00

    Built upon a stony island promontory off the coast of Normandy France, Mont Saint-Michel is both remote and beckoning.  Originally only reachable across a neck of sand at low tide, the village winds up the mountain to When you arrive, you enter a walled village whose winding road leads up to the Church at the apex.

  • Mont St. Michel Garden Cloister – Wall Art

    $ 32.00$ 237.00

    Within the isolated island monastery off the coast of France, walled garden cloister offer an oasis of peace and serenity for spiritual reflection and meditation.  Located off the Normandy Coast, France.

  • Loches Countryside – Wall Art

    $ 53.00$ 299.00

    Early morning sun, filtered through broken clouds, highlights the simple geometry of a farm building near Loches, France. As counterpoint to the serenity of the scene, the lines of the building and country lane add movement, pulling the eye toward the rolling, manicured fields of the Loire Valley, giving the image motion, character, and depth.

  • Entering Loches – Wall Art

    $ 33.00$ 205.00

    For protection from invasion, medieval towns were surrounded by massive stone walls. In Old Loches, the city where Joan of Arc met the King of France, this fortified entry gate marks the demarcation between Middle Ages danger and safety.

  • Chenonceau Garden – Wall Art

    $ 63.00$ 196.00

    Competing gardens flank the Chateau Chenonceau, in the Loire Valley, France.  Diane de Poiters, mistress to King Henry II, designed and ordered the planting of this garden. As if in response, Catherine De Medici created an opposing garden on the opposite side of the chateau when she became Queen of France upon the death of her husband, King Henry II.

  • Chenonceau Tower – Wall Art

    $ 63.00$ 299.00

    The Marques Tower dominates the entry to the Chateau Chenonceau in France’s famous Loire Valley. The massive tower frames an asymmetrical composition to this five-century old castle.

  • Chenonceau Allee – Wall Art

    $ 32.00$ 205.00

    Architecture does not stop at the building’s walls. The land and trees often become architectural elements. The allee leading to Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, France forms a critical piece of the entrance and arrival experience for the kings, queens, and mistresses who lived in and visited this elegant chateau over the River Cher during the 16th and 17th centuries.

  • Chartres Stone Carvings – Wall Art

    $ 33.00$ 205.00

    Delicate and intricate stone carvings echoing the elaborate traceries that frame stained glass clerestory and rose windows adorn Chartres Cathedral at almost every opportunity. An ongoing methodical process of cleaning and renovating the Cathedral’s interior is revealing a beauty that has been hidden under candle soot and dirt for centuries.

  • Chartres Buttress and Clerestory Windows – Wall Art

    $ 46.00$ 299.00

    Flying buttresses at Chartres Cathedral, in France were a Gothic Period structural innovation that allowed builders to punctuate massive stone exterior walls with large openings while maintaining the strength needed to support the roof structure. New art opportunities were created for elaborate stained glass windows that flood the cathedral interior with natural light.

  • Cathedral at Bayeux – Wall Art

    $ 53.00$ 299.00

    The French twilight frames the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Bayeux.  This Gothic-Romanesque cathedral had been the home of the 230-foot long historic Bayeux Tapestry, famous for its intricate depiction of William the Conqueror and the Norman Conquest of England. It was commissioned and sewn shortly after the conquest, nearly a thousand years ago.

  • Chartres Altar and Apse – Wall Art

    $ 53.00$ 299.00

    Considered by many to be the most beautiful cathedral in France, the Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, once again shows off its beauty as a multi-year cleaning and restoration reveals the colors and intricate geometry of the altar and apse. Innovative architecture for the time employed flying buttresses to support the structure allowing for large expanses of windows, flooding the interior with light.

  • Bayeux Window – Wall Art

    $ 53.00$ 299.00

    Since the 1600’s, this French casement window has artfully framed the view to the courtyard and narrow street beyond.  Thick walls, cozy courtyards behind oaken gates, and the maze narrow winding streets in the old city of Bayeux are quintessential architectural features throughout Normandy.

  • Bayeux Cathedral Windows – Wall Art

    $ 46.00$ 299.00

    Gothic arches and stained glass windows in the Bayeux Cathedral have soared toward heaven for over nine hundred years, filling the glorious cathedral with dappled natural light. You can see the whispers of flying buttresses and spires that dominate the skyline in the old city of Bayeux in Normandy, France.