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Avoid Building MistakesWe are sure that you would appreciate Bill’s advice or recommendation on some of your questions and that’s why we created this section called “Ask Bill”. Here you may ask anything you want to know when building YOUR perfect dream house. Bill will be more than happy to answer all your questions and to provide you with helpful and valuable information.

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A visit to Venice, Italy

We recently took our granddaughter, Isabella, to Venice, Italy. It was a real treat for all of us. One of the highlights came when we met up with Saverio de Bello, an artist we had met two years earlier when we first visited Venice. Saverio was trained as an architect...

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One Way to Build Green: Use Reclaimed Beams

The Straight Goods on Green Building and Energy-Efficient Home Design. Green building is the catch phrase for the creation of houses that are energy efficient and environmentally in their design and construction. …… The article expands the information about what Green building means and what is needed to build and energy efficient home. These are the four things that I feel are important considerations when trying to build Green. ( the video illustrates item #2)

Design a house that uses less energy to heat, cool, light and maintain.
Use materials that consume less energy to produce and transport are non-toxic, and can be re-cycled or safely disposed of when no longer useful.
Use building products made from materials that are not limited in supply and are quickly and easily regrown, reproduced and replaced.
Use energy sources that are readily replenished and have an unlimited supply

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