I received a nice review from Tim Carter, master builder in his newsletter this week.  Thanks Tim!


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More than a few months ago Bill Hirsch Jr, AIA send me his book to review.  It’s filled with solid advice about what you need to know about how to build a new home.  The book contains stunning photos, but its also filled with lots of practical advice.  I can tell you I’ve been inside many homes that have basic design flaws that cause all sorts of issues.  Even here at my own home I have a few.  I didn’t build the house I live in here in NH.  My own home here has a very common deck design flaw.  My deck is only 10 feet wide out from the house.  That’s too narrow to put a small 4-foot diameter table with chairs and have enough room for people to get by when people are seated at the table.  (If you want to know the minimum width for a deck click here).  I have a lot of the same advice on my website, but Bill has consolidated it in this book.  It’s worth every penny, so I suggest you order it.”   February 19, 2016